The chain

Quality and freshness guarantee

L’Ortolano’s products, which are chosen from when they are planted,
guarantee the respect for the qualitative standards that the market requires.

Technology and farming tradition

The combination of traditional production methods and new technologies is one of the keys to success for the horticultural company, L’Ortolano. With these pillars, a better yield of the harvest can be obtained both in qualitative and quantitative terms, without foregoing the good farming practices at any time and respecting health and the environment.

We respect

La natura è parte della nostra vita e della nostra salute. Per questo motivo, L’ortolano srl svolge la sua attività prestando la massima attenzione alla cura delle piante, dell’ambiente e del territorio.

We respect the

L’Ortolano always uses the best seasonal products, bringing them straight from the countryside to their clients. The products are available in their most optimum state of maturity and they reach the table fresh with an authentic taste.

We respect

Given the challenges that come from new lifestyles, L’Ortolano is working to improve the relationship between people’s food, health and nutrition. We strive to obtain high-quality products with heightened nutritional value.

Production processes


In order for a horticultural product to taste its best, the collection period and method are fundamental. L’Ortolano uses appropriate tools such as knives, forks, pitchforks, or simply picks by hand in order to not damage the plants and to preserve the products’ quality and properties.

Delivery rooms

L’Ortolano has 400 m2 of delivery rooms with reduced or no conditioning in order to guarantee the sensory properties of the horticultural products. The products are TOP LINE; in other words, fresh fruit and vegetables that have not undergone any processing or treatments.

Peeling and sorting

The peeling and sorting involves separating the collected products from the foreign material they are mixed with: leaves, stones, branches, soil… At this stage, the product with the necessary quality characteristics to go onto further processing is also chosen.

Washing and drying

L’Ortolano’s fruit and vegetables are subjected to rigorous washing with drinking water. The aim of this stage is to ensure that the products are hygienic.

Weight and packaging

The vegetables are weighed and packaged in a specific area of the plant, where their quality is checked using modern technology and special measures. The packaging materials are studied in order to respond to the preservation demands from the several, specific product types.

Transport and moving goods

All the products are transported in refrigerated lorries to the logistics platforms or directly to the points of sale. In order to guarantee a constantly fresh and high-quality product, the refrigerated temperature and the action speed should be respected at all stages of the process.

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Certified quality

L’Ortolano has implemented the most demanding quality systems in both its warehouses and its farming fields, such as Global GAP, thus offering a total guarantee on the quality of their products and services.