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L’Ortolano is a horticultural company which was established in 1989 in the Puglia region in Italy; it is an area that is characterised by its raw ingredients.

The company’s production takes place across more than 30 hectares of land which is awash with the aroma of nature and the sea. At the heart of the company is the family’s love, passion, hard work and sacrifice for the land, cultivated and cared for whilst protecting the plants and the environment.


The Company Mission is to produce excellent horticultural products which encapsulate the quality and authenticity of a time, able to glorify even the most refined of palettes.

The team at L’Ortolano work every day to ensure the consumer receives a product with intense flavour and heightened sensory properties. This is work that aims to reflect the beauty of the area, the history of this land born by the sea, the history of a community and its cultural and historical background.


L’Ortolano’s strong and vibrant sense of social responsibility drives the company to constantly look into the agronomy field of research with the aim of obtaining quality products using suitable technology that is compatible with the environment so as to ensure and safeguard the end consumer’s health.

In consideration of its “quality for life” belief, the company follows research on the benefits of vegetables on the human body and how they lengthen life expectancy.


The family, together with L’Ortolano’s staff, make up the backbone of the company, placing their know-how and professionalism at the service and satisfaction of their clients.

At present, the company boasts efficient production, storage, packaging and transport processes that together, have the same aim: to guarantee the products integrity, maximum flavour and for quality to prevail.

in the world

We ensure that our markets are supplied all year round, selling around 40 million kilos for each campaign and offering optimum value for money. A part of our production is allocated to exports, and so our products are available across a good portion of the European market.

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